Body Life Training

“A century ago when people had problems with the spiritual, relational, professional, and personal side of life, they came to the church for counsel and help. Some where during the last century the church decided that its only responsibility was to help people in the spiritual area of life and sent people to get help out into the very world that the church is trying to rescue people from.”  — Os Guinness

The church of today struggles to handle most of the problems facing people in their pews. Pastors are struggling to deal with the relational, vocational, and life issues they are presented with and have no other option other than to refer their members to professionals for services that many can no longer afford, so the community goes without. Divorce is at an all-time high and people are lost regarding where they fit in a career, what their central purpose is in life, and where they best fit in ministering within the body of Christ.

TNG BodyLife Training
The TNG BodyLife Training process trains and equips lay coaches with the insights, tools, and resources needed to help others within your congregation better understand who God created them to be and the purpose He has for them both inside and outside the church walls. With this training churches are able to minister to those who are seeking relational, vocational, life purpose, and ministry placement information, thereby taking pressure off the pastoral staff and reducing the number of members whose needs go unmet. The result is a ministry that better utilizes the gifts within the body, more fulfilled and productive members, increased giving, and fewer losses out the back door.
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