Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating 250 Relief 直営店 mg Simeth,mg,Bloating,and,Relief,28円,Gas,/careers/,Maximum,Phazyme,250,Simeth,Health Household , Health Care,|,Strength,mg,Bloating,and,Relief,28円,Gas,/careers/,Maximum,Phazyme,250,Simeth,Health Household , Health Care,|,Strength 28円 Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating Relief | 250 mg Simeth Health Household Health Care 28円 Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating Relief | 250 mg Simeth Health Household Health Care Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating 250 Relief 直営店 mg Simeth

高品質 Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating 250 Relief 直営店 mg Simeth

Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating Relief | 250 mg Simeth


Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating Relief | 250 mg Simeth

Product description

Size:36 Count (Pack of 4)

Phazyme is the name you turn to when you need serious gas relief. Our Maximum Strength 250 mg Fast Gels are the strongest dosage you can buy without a prescription. Since its beginning, Phazyme has been known as strong, serious, reliable medicine providing the #1 anti-gas ingredient recommended by physicians and pharmacists. Each Phazyme 250 mg easy-to-swallow Fast Gel contains the maximum strength dose of simethicone -- the strongest anti-gas medication available to treat the bloating, pressure, and discomfort of gas. Phazyme’s Maximum Strength 250 mg dosage delivers twice the anti-gas ingredient of Gas-X Extra Strength 125 mg tablets. Also try Phazyme Gas amp; Acid Maximum Strength 250 mg Chews!

Phazyme Maximum Strength Gas and Bloating Relief | 250 mg Simeth

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